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Garage Door Spring Repair & Replacement In Vancouver, WA & Clackamas, OR

Your garage door cables are another important component that helps your garage door operate smoothly.

Your garage door cables act in concert with the springs above your door. You’ll find the cables wrapped around the drums at both ends of the bar on which the springs sit on. The cables run from the roller brackets on the bottom corners of the door to the cable drums up above the door.


When you raise your garage door, the garage door springs unwind and the energy (tension) that is stored helps to lift the door. At this time the cables wrap around the cable drum. When you lower the door, these cables unwind from the drum and rewind the springs to their full tension.

Your garage door cables are made out of metal and designed to be strong and flexible, but they are still not resistant to breaking or snapping due to rear and tear with the time of usage. Like all garage door moving parts, they need to be addressed and inspected from time to time to insure the proper operation of the garage door system. 

A garage door cable replacement should be a quick fix for the professional and should be a pricy repair for the homeowner. A replacement should take about an hour. Usually a real professional will preform a full garage door system diagnostic to make sure the cable broke due to rear and tear and not from a different reason of unbalanced system or damaged part.




Broken or snapped garage door cables always surprise when its least convenient. We recommend that you call a local professional garage door repair service at the fist sign of fraying or rust. Avoid the risk and headache of trying to replace your garage door cable on your own. We see many timed garage doors that went off track or twisted due to "self repairs".


By calling TH you will be offered same-day* service and great warranties. Don't leave your door in less than perfect working condition, Instead, call a pro to come and repair it. Or, if you'd like, we can install a new garage door, too. Either way, we'll keep you out of the cold and rain with good access to your garage. 

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