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garage door install in Vancouver wa

Garage Door Repair Services

As a leading garage door repair company in Vancouver WA and Clackamas OR, we offer many types of services when it comes to your garage door. We are used to the NW climate so we know what your door needs to last for long and stay sturdy. We are also updated with the latest technics and upgrades that constantly change in our industry. 

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Garage Door Installations And Garage Door Replacements

We are a one stop shop for all your garage door needs, so the process is hassle free! We can basically accommodate any budget and design you are wishing/aiming for, and we provide free estimates too! 

Garage Door Maintenance Checks

To regularly check the operation of your garage door system is ideal and can save you a lot of money down the road. We have a flat rates for a full and comprehensive check of all the points in your system. Our maintenance check also includes lubing some parts so we can leave your door smooth and ready to go! 

Emergency garage door repair Vancouver WA

Garage Door Spring Replacement Services

Garage door springs are a very important part of the system's operation and functionality. There are different types of springs lengths and tensions that will fit your garage door system's needs. We strongly recommend to not replace springs independently without the proper experience, as it can be very dangerous and can cause body injuries and property damage. We are certified professionals and we know how to manage spring issues with minimum danger. As a company, we have sharpened our skills, and can complete the replacement without disrupting your schedule or posing any danger. Springs can serve for many years depending on how you use your garage and door and maintain it. However, many people complain when they break because they do not understand the work of garage door springs. They play a very vital role. In fact, they carry the whole weight of the door when you open it. If you thought it’s the opener that does the job, know that it’s the spring.

Garage Door Cable Replacement 

Your garage door cables are another important component that helps your door operate smoothly. They act in concert with the torsion springs. You’ll see the cables in cable drums at both ends of the axle on which the springs reside. They run from the roller brackets on the bottom corners of the door to the cable drums. When you raise a garage door, the springs unwind and the energy (tension) that is stored helps to lift the door. At this time the cables wrap around grooves in the cable drum. When you lower the door, these cables unwind from the cable drum and rewind the springs to their full tension.

Garage Door Opener Programming, Repairs & Replacements

Whether you want a new opener or just need your current one fixed, we are the experts to call for garage door opener installation. Our company has been certified to install all major brands. Not sure which one is best for your garage? Just call us, and we’ll help you determine. Some of the brands in high demand include: Linear, LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Genie, Wayne Dalton.

Emergency Garage Door off Track Repair

It is a common for garage doors to fall off their tracks from different reasons, but compared to other issues this is by far one of those horrifying ones that no one wishes to go through. Just imagine waking up one morning to experience the worst case scenario with your garage door. You grab your things ready to leave, but when you press the button to open the garage door, one side goes up while the other part just remains.


When your door goes off track and your need off track emergency service, stop using the door and contact your professional garage door company immediately, so we help you before things are too tough.

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Our technicians have tons of experience dealing with garage doors from all kinds.

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We only use highest grade and tested materials and parts.

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We offer around the clock emergency services.

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