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garage door repair gresham

We Are The Garage Door Repair Specialists In Gresham, OR


garage door repair gresham

67% of Americans primarily make use of the garage door to enter their home.

But what happens if your door won't budge, is broken, or is locked shut?

You are left out – or are you?

With TH Locksmith and Garage Door Repair by your side, malfunctioning garage doors and locks are no longer a problem for the people of Gresham.

Get in touch today!

Professional Services For All-Things-Garage-Door

After years of being in the industry, we have become the garage door whisperers.

From fixing the locks to revamping your entire door system, we have done it all.

We use components from the best manufacturers to repair, replace, and modify your garage doors to perfectly complement your house.

Our services fall under three broad categories.

Garage Door Repair

Managing the upkeep of your garage door pays in the long run. We fix any minor issues – from broken garage door spring to loose garage door cable and beyond – to avoid hefty replacements in the future. Attain durability and value-for-money, all in the form of our carefull garage door repair process!

Garage Door Replacement

Are you tired of your old garage door or simply wish to upgrade to automated ones? was a garage door repair not an option? Our modern garage doors are a must-have! They enhance curb appeal while keeping you protected against intruders and the climate!  Contact us to hear about our garage door replacement and garage door installation services.

We also offer Locksmith Services

If the door is A-OK, but you can't get through the lock, what do you do? Call our team! We provide residential, commercial, and automotive locksmith services to repair and replace lock installations or help you solve the usual lost-your-key problems.

Your One-Stop Solution For Garage Door Repair In Gresham

Every garage door is unique. Therefore, our approach to fixing your doors is also one-of-a-kind.

Our crew of experts uses the best materials to get your garage doors sliding in no time!

Garage Door Spring Replacement & Spring Repair

The spring is the heart of a garage door. It does all the heavy lifting. When facing spring issues, our team arrives to repair or replace – pronto!  

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Improved Door Opener

Like the knob to a regular door, your garage door opener is key to a well-functioning garage door. We fix the operating system to ensure smooth opening and closure. 

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Garage Door Panel & Section

When a garage door has seen its share of years and accidents, dents and bumps are a given. We repair your old panels or install a new section to breathe life into aging doors!

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Fixing Off-Track Doors
Garage Door Accessories 

Garage doors going off-track can be a frightening sight. We inspect the roller condition, diagnose the problem, and get your door on track again to prevent any accidents.

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We can replace any garage door system component that is not operating correctly anymore like - rollers, drums, remotes, keypads etc.

We also work with most professional opener brands for smooth trusted operation and security

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Custom Locksmith Services In Gresham

To cater to any and all locksmith needs of yours, we offer a range of locksmith services in Gresham on-demand.

Residential Locksmith

Tired of malfunctioning locks and want a quick fix or complete lock reinstallation and key solutions? Let us help you out!

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Commercial Locksmith

Offices require efficient lock systems. We rekey, install and repair electronic/digital locks, and give you a master key for full security.

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Automotive Locksmith

Offices require efficient lock systems. We rekey, install and repair electronic/digital locks, and give you a master key for full security.

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Locally Owned And Personalized For You

One of the first things you notice as you pull up on your driveway is the garage door.

We want it to be the best door in Gresham.

Locally owned and operated, we know the ongoing trends of garage doors.

Our team combines your requirements with current trends to customize the garage door of your dreams in the budget of your choice.

Want to learn more? Reach out to us!

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