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We Have Answers To All Of Your Questions!

Scroll trough the questions and answers below to fins the info you are looking for. Have a different question? Just call us for help

How Should I Regularly Maintain/Service My Garage Door? 

Your garage door should be maintained and looked at at least every 6 months. During a maintenance check the garage door technician will need to preform an A-Z inspection of your entire garage door system. This inspection will be divided to few categories such as - garage door opener operations, torsion system, appearance, hardware and security system. sometimes a thorough check will find a few parts that need attention and/or replacement, and some lubing will be required to help the door run smoothly. Inspections are also important to prevent garage door issues a head of time.  Don't hesitate contacting TH garage door services if it has been sometime since your door was serviced, we have tons of experience inspecting thousands of garage doors. 

How Should I Choose A Garage Door Repair Company?

The first thing you should look for is a legitimate company. A legitimate company will be one that is certified, licensed and with a reliable website and office set up. There are a lot of scam companies that will sell you information and or charge you ridiculous rates and delete there online assistance after. At TH locksmith and garage door repair services you can be worry free, we have years of experience servicing SW Washington and NW Oregon. Stop by our office In Vancouver for more info about our team! 

What Happens After I Call For Service?

Once our dispatcher collects your contact information and other details needed, we will set up an appointment that best fits your needs and situation. on day of service, our technician or dispatch team member will communicate with you about the job and arrival time so you wont be at the dark. when our technician arrives, he will ask you several questions so he can better understand your concerns. from there he will reform our A-Z inspection and diagnose the issue, explain the results and share with you his recommendations. If our tech wont have answers to your questions, he will contact his field supervisor to ask for support. Once you are ok with moving forward, our tech will start the work. Our vehicles are stocked with garage door and locksmith parts from all kinds to accommodate a same day service. Once our tech is done with the repair/installation, he will clean up the garage and review his work with you - demonstrate the operations of the garage door or lock after the fix, and provide useful tips for you to keep maintaining your garage door or lock in a perfect condition. 

For How Long Should My Garage Door Spring Last?

Did you know that garage door spring life's are effected by the number of times you open and close your garage door? Your garage door spring do the "hard work" holding your garage door, and moving it from down up daily and sometimes even few times a day. Garage door springs are usually rated to have 5K cycle lifespan give or take, depending on usage and door specs, which means that a you spring should last  a good 2-5 years. TH garage door technicians replace hundreds of garage door springs a month, so you can trust your local garage door repair company when your spring snaps or break. 

Should I Buy An Insulated Garage Door?

This is one of the most common question we got from our clients, so let us hare with you a few insights about insulation and insulated garage doors. the first benefit of heaving your garage door insulated, is that the insulation will maintain your garage cool when its hot, and warm when when its freezing. besides this obvious benefit of insulation, there are other plus sides to keep in mind - an insulated garage door will reduce noises from outside (as well as from inside out), will be more durable and will have an improved resell value. garage door insulations are rated in R values, the higher the R value is, the better insulation it has. Feel free to consult with us about your next garage door process, we will fit the best option that will accommodate your needs! 

How Can I Protect My Garage/Home From Thieves?

As we are masters in both locksmith and garage door systems, we heard it all. from intruders that broke into the garage using the garage doors, and ones that tried breaking into the house by the front door. 

If you would like to learn how you can reduce the chances of this happening to you, let us share with you a few tips. The first one is pretty obvious - always make sure you garage door is shut all the way, and that your front/back door is latched all the way too. secondly, if you have doubts about your lock operations or garage door operations, wait no further and call a professional to define the issue. it is much harder for a professional burglar to break in if locks or garage doors are not operation 100% well.

lastly, you can always upgrade you garage door opener to one that connects to your phone an alarms you if the door open/closes, and  there are similar door locks that do the same. 

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