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Garage Door Installations And Garage Door Replacements

We Work With The Best Garage Door Manufacturers In The US !

Among the door manufacturers we work with you will find Clopay, Amarr, Wayne-Dalton, NorthWestDoor and others that use the best materials and quality! 

clopay garage doors
NWD garage doors
Wayne Dalton garage doros
Amarr garage doors
chi garage doors

When you drive by a house, visit friends and family or even shop for your new home, a nice looking garage door can change the whole picture.

Your garage door is outside year long, which means that the changing weather can effect it's outside look. from the warm sun to the freezing snow, after years your garage door can change its color, become warped and even crack depending on the level of materials and durability. 

If it is time to update your home look and style, or replace your garage door due to damage, we will be happy to provide you with the best service and quality garage door that will look amazing and last for years to come. 

Besides the look and fresh feel of a new garage door, you will find below a few extra benefits with replacing your old door to a new one:

  • A new garage door is valuable for your home - According to Realtor magazine and the National Associate Of Relators, a new garage door is among the most valuable remodeling and home improvement projects. homeowners can return up to 98% of their new garage door investment!.

  • Upgrading to better insulation - upgrading to an insulated door can lower down your heating and cooling expenses.

  • If you are planning to sell the home, a newer looking door can improve the outside look and increase the value of your home. 

I want to replace my garage door, what happens next?

After you set your appointment, we will meet you at your location and set everything up for your new stylish garage door. We will help and guide you trough the best finding garage door for your home, and one that will fit your needs as well. Do not hesitate to go crazy with ideas, we will provide you with some popular options, but we can make any dream come true! We can also accommodate every budget, and maximize the value of your new garage door purchase.

Among the many different types and styles of overhead garage doors we offer you will find -

Raised Panel Garage Door Design:

This classic style can come in many color options and window designs. you can pick out from a non- insulated door to a fully insulated one. this is a timeless design that you just can go wrong with. Also, many HOA neighborhoods will require you to replace your old door with an identical looking one and most streets will have this style across the entire street. 

Garage door replacement Vancouver, WA

Stamped Carriage House & Carriage House Designed Garage Doors:

This is a very popular design that give your home look a fine warm feel. with numerous design options and all types of insulation available, you can be sure compliments will be coming from your neighbors. 

Carriage House Designed Garage Door

Flush Panel Garage Door Design:

Elevate your home’s look with crisp, clean lines and a geometric finish. This model will deliver beautiful high end prestige modern look and long lasting quality that will last for years. This model is also very low maintenance due to its smooth feel. 

flush panel garage door

Full View Garage Doors:

If you are not on a tight budget, this gorgeous model is the one for you! Expertly engineered with aluminum and glass, this model will give your home the perfect blend of industrial and ultra modern look. This model will also keep the inside of your garage well lighted. 

full view glass garage door
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