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Garage Door Spring Replacement In Vancouver, WA & Clackamas, OR

Garage door springs are a very important part of your garage door system operation and functionality. 

Your garage door spring carry's the whole weight of your garage door when you open it. If you thought it’s the garage door opener that does the job, know that it’s the garage door spring.

Garage door springs can serve for many years depending on how often you open and close your garage door, how often you maintain you garage door and service your garage door. 

Please find below garage door spring lifetimes by daily use of your garage door:

  • garage door is opened twice a day = your garage door spring will probably last for about 15 years.

  • garage door is opened 4 times a day = your garage door spring will probably last for about 8 years.

  • garage door is opened about 6 times daily = your garage door spring will probably last for about 6 years.

  • garage door is opened about 8 times a day = your garage door spring will probably last for about 4 years.

There are different types of springs lengths and tensions that will fit your garage door system's needs. 

We strongly recommend not to replace your garage door springs independently without the proper experience, as it can be very dangerous and can cause body injuries and property damage.


We are certified professionals and we know how to manage spring issues with minimum danger. Also, we would know what spring should be installed instead of the broken garage door spring, so your garage door will continue operating smoothly and new issues wont come up. 


We can complete the garage door spring replacement without disrupting your schedule or posing any danger. 

Garage Door Spring Replacement Service - Types Of Springs & What They Cost

Hundreds of people get injuries, and damage their properties every year by playing with or attempting to fix garage door problems in general and garage door springs specifically, as garage door spring replacement is the most common garage door repair. To avoid this, you need to learn as much as possible about garage door springs.


Garage door springs can be grouped into several types and even sub types, there are two broad and most common categories.

Torsion Springs:

This type of garage door spring comes in many sizes, lengths and tensions and is usually mounted horizontally on a bar or a shaft above the garage door from the inside. on the two sides of the garage door system there are drums that help wrap the garage door system cables, when the garage door opens or closes, the cables are responsible to keep the door moving safely and smoothly. Typically when a garage door spring breaks, the cables will unwrap and sometimes even break. The garage door spring coils force is applied via a garage door opener or hand if your garage door is used manually. Therefore, the choice of a particular option of torsion spring depends on garage door height, weight, track radius and other factors.

Extension Springs:

This kind of garage door springs are less common. Just as you would expect from the name, they extend to provide a counterbalance force that supports your garage door. Usually, you will find these types of springs on both sides of your garage door. You need to apply the appropriate amount of force either via a garage door motor or hand, so they extend as intended. In conclusion, they are usually paired together with safety cables that will run through the center of the garage door springs and will prevent them from damaging the door when they break. 

The Importance Of Maintenance:

Now that you're familiar with the different garage door spring types, it is a good idea to also understand that springs break as a result of ongoing use, wear and tear, and sometimes a lack of upkeep or improper maintenance. Their lifespan is usually given a specific number of cycles. Garage door spring cycles are approximately 10,000 during a lifetime. If you want your garage door to last for many years, open/close your door as few times as possible. 

How Long Should It Take To Replace A Garage Door Spring And What Is The Process:

Garage door spring replacement should take anywhere between 40 to 90 minutes by a skilled garage door technician. The process should be fairly simple unless other parts are damaged which will result in a longer installation. The first step the technician will take is to measure the spring size. This is not just to measure the length but the diameter and the PPT tension of the spring as well. 

The spring has to match to the door weight and size, therefore the measuring part is very important for the life of the spring and your garage door. After knowing which spring will fit best, the professional will take of the tension from the older springs, remove them and replace with the new ones. 

A garage door professional will almost always recommend you to replace both springs if you have two. This is to insure your new springs will last for years. If you have 2 garage door springs above your door, and you would only replace the broken one, the 2nd spring will usually break very quickly, and this circle will continue as each spring has  specific lifetime that effects its operation. 

Our Recommendation For You:


We strongly recommend leaving garage door spring replacements and repairs to our well trained experts. A trained professional representing our company will ensure your replacement spring balances the weight properly, giving you peace of mind and restoring functionality to your garage door.

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